About Us

Josephine and Bob Meyer
started M&G in 1984.

The business quickly took off, grossing over $1M in its first year. A few years later in 1988, Josephine earned WBE certification as a woman-owned business. This created new opportunities for M&G and the company grew.  

Over the next few decades, we gave it everything. We worked around the clock when needed. We expanded our team to meet client needs. We treated every client project as if the world depended on it. Because to us, it did. And by providing this kind of service to our clients, we formed trusting relationships across Chicago – with businesses, schools, nonprofits, agencies and graphic designer

While competitors fell victim to new technologies, M&G kept investing in the future through sustainable practices and expanded capabilities.

Today, Bob and Josephine’s kids – Bob Jr. and Angie – continue driving M&G forward with support from Angie’s daughter Ellen, who represents M&G’s third generation.

Staying true to our roots and Josephine’s bold vision, we’re proud to have earned certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) member. We’re are joyfully opening doors for the next generation of women leaders. 


It’s been a journey. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve accomplished a lot. And we’re just getting started.

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This is our HQ, aka the Depot of Determination, aka the Fortress of Focus, aka the House of Hustle.
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We’ve been M&G’ing right here at 3500 W 38th Street, Chicago, since 1999.

Meet the Team

We’re the people who answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.
We’re the people who make sure you always feel like an insider – whether it’s your first project
with us or the 100
th. We’re client advocates. We’re problem solvers. We’re mountain movers when
we need to be. We’re steadfast believers in Chicago. We’re M&G. Printers of the amazing.

Angie Weiss

Managing Partner
Joined 2001

Bob Meyer

Managing Partner
Joined 1986

John Weiss

Director of Client Success
Joined 2001

Bob Flaherty

Prepress Manager
Joined 1987

Donna Calandriello​

Office Manager, Bookkeeping
Joined 2005

Vince Hartnett

Client Success Manager
Joined 2020

Ellen Weiss

Client Success Manager
Social Media Manager
Joined 2020

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